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S Balan | Punit Balan

S Balan Group 
is a successful construction and real estate company in Pune that has expanded into IT, Consultancy and other sectors in recent years. With over three decades of experience in the construction of prominent commercial complexes and residential projects, this group of companies has become a corporate giant. With real estate development and redevelopment as the primary focus, this group has striven towards excellence and perfection. This enterprise is a well knit organization that runs on professional management techniques, people oriented principles, business integrity and strong business ethics. S Balan Group is a name that has become synonymous with excellence and quality. 

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Vilas Sadashiv Kale | Vikas Vilas Kale | Amit Vilas Kale

Since 1980, KALE & SONS is one of the leading firms in Pune in the field of Designing, Decoration, and Construction of complete Exhibition, Pavilion and Stalls and Sitting gallery for Sports event and have handled several projects successfully.

KALE & SONS has complete infrastructure with excellent workshop facilities along with efficient team of Designers, Engineers, Artists and skilled staff to fulfill the job of any magnitude. 

KALE & SONS has arranged successfully various events, such as marriage Functions, Cultural Programs, Religious Functions, Seminars / Conferences, Stage Shows, Musical Programs, Trade Fairs, Exhibitions, monsoon sheds and all other events.

KALE & SONS having 24 year of experience in the various fields is confident of undertaking jobs throughout the country, of any magnitude from the stage of conceptualization to fabrication, including, design, graphic, construction of stalls with prefab systems & custom made super structure to impart a glorious look to the entire function/ program.

“तसा मी फूटबाल प्लेयर पण क्रिकेट ची तेवधिच आवड होती लहान पणी कपिल देव आदर्श त्यामुळे त्यांच्या सारखे दोन्ही कड़े खेळू आसे वाटयाचे पण कालांतराने क्रिकेट मागे पडून फूटबाल सुरु राहिले  पण आता मुलाना क्रिकेट ची आवड म्हणून त्याना ग्राउंड वर पाठवायला सुरवात केलि आणि मी परत लहान झालो लाहांपनि ची इच्छा आता परत माला माझ्याच मलमुलांबरोबर  ग्राउंड वर खेचु लागली  मग हळू हळू आमच्या लायन क्रिकेट टूर्नामेंट मध्ये खेळलो त्यात बऱ्यापैकी जमले  त्याच स्पर्धेत सनी मारवाड़ी नी माझी क्रिकेट ची इच्छा विचारलि आणि  क्लब ऑफ़ क्लब या क्लब मध्ये सामिल झालो आयुष्यात राहिलेला काही भाग पूर्ण कारायची इच्छा होती ति ह्या मुळे पूर्ण होत आहे सध्या ह्या सगळ्या मुलांबरोबर खेळताना लहान झाल्याचा भास् होतो.....”
– Amit Kale



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