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Cricket has to be.....
  • Fun.
  • Easy to understand, set up and play.
  • Inclusive for all abilities.
  • Able to be played anywhere.
  • Can be played during any length of time.
  • Played by any number of players.
Get Into Cricket.....
  • Cricket is a concept which is all about getting people involved in informal games of cricket in a fun, engaging way.
  • It is an inclusive game that can be played with minimal equipment, with mixed abilities and across genders.
  • Playing cricket contributes to a healthy, active lifestyle, as well as providing a chance for everybody involved to socialize as part of a team and enjoy the chance to play with and against, colleagues and friends, new and old.
  • Using easy formats of the game we want to support and encourage you to take the game to new adults and new places that may not have discovered the joys of hitting ‘a six’, taking a diving catch or ‘clean bowling’ someone.
  • It might be during a lunch break at work or after work. It could be in between lectures at University, or in the park with friends on a weekend, or for parents who are watching their kids play or train at a cricket club.
Inclusion & Diversity In Cricket.....
It is identified that six core principles that underpin our sport. We expect all cricket club & organisations to be committed to these principles:
  • Welcome
  • Embrace
  • Celebrate
  • Pride
  • Passion
  • Respect

These are explored further below:


We welcome & embrace all people to participate and we want to provide cricket that is affordable, flexible to meet people's different needs, such as changing lifestyles, opportunities, equipment and facilities.

Valuing Cultural Diversity

We believe in recognizing & celebrating the differences between groups of people and between individuals & we want cricket to reflect the make-up of communities in India.

Promoting Involvement

We want to ensure that all members of the community have a chance to shape the future of cricket & their involvement in it, this ensure they are proud and passionate about the game of cricket.

Opportunities For All

We want to embrace all people in cricket. We know that some people have less opportunity than others to participate fully in cricket & we believe that we should identify barriers and take steps to address them.

Respecting All People

We believe that all cricket should take place in an environment free from discriminatory, harassing or anti-social act or language of any kind & we believe in respect for all people.

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